I need detailed responses please broody hen for close to a month now

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    Aug 23, 2011
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    I have a close friend raising chickens for the first time. She has a little black cochin bantam. She has been broody for close to a month now and she has tried everything but dunking her. Can someone give detailed instructions and hopefully pics on how to do this. She is getting real run down now since she isnt really eating or drinking much.

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    I had a stubborn broody this summer. I made sure to take eggs out of the nest boxes several times a day. Every time I went in to the coop, I would pick her up & love on her (she was quite grumpy & growled & didn't like all the loving!). Carried her around & set her out in the run. I would them block the nest boxes for 10-15 minutes. When she saw there was no nest available she tried going in the corner. I picked her up & put her back outside again. I kept repeating this every day for about a week. She finally figured out I am more stubborn than she, and she gave up. [​IMG]
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    I have a 7 month old banty cochin who has been trying to be broody for about 6 weeks now. They are known to be broody and make very good mothers, which is why I added this one to my flock this year. My other banty cochin is about 4 years old now, but I didn't expect this so early for my new one. I know from the behavior of my other one, that if I let her have a clutch, she would hatch them.

    What I do, is check for eggs several times a day. I do my best to not let any eggs sit under her for very long. When I collect eggs, or check for eggs, she will get off the nest and go eat and drink. She looks healthy, combs and wattles are very red, and I'm not even going to try to break her, unless I see her health going down. Going broody at her young age, I honestly don't think I could break her from it, if I did, I'm sure it would only last a week or 2.

    I wanted my other cochin to raise day old chicks that I ordered this spring, so I put her in my smallish "hospital area" with a clutch of eggs 4 weeks before my chicks were due to arrive, and she went broody within 3 days.

    This new one is still laying a couple of eggs every week, she's not completely broody, but she sure wants to be. I'm sure she'll make an excellent mama next year.
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    After trying every trick in the book, I wrapped a frozen block of ice (like a small thermal pack for a cooler) in a towel and placed it under her at night. She was off the nest by the morning.
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    Whenever I get a broody, I just put fertile eggs under her and let her hatch them.
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    let hatch some fertile eggs if no roo is around get some day old chicks and let her raise them

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