I NEED!! ~Guinea NY Albany area / also Quail


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Feb 16, 2017
Stuyvesant NY
Hey, looking for guinea. I will take babies, juvies, breeding adults, eggs. I just need some one close by.

I am in Stuyvesant 12173 NY.

***I am not able to drive to far do to medical issues so any one close would be AWESOME!***

~~~~Side note I want to start fresh with my quail. Looking for something more native to the area so I can give them a big run outdoor for all year round.~~~

+++++++ I also have some Black Spanish Turkey TOMS I can trade too! If any one wants Black Spanish turkeys PM me. Only Toms.

Can trade some roosters as well. Have SOO many chicks hatching.
Oh I can also trade in cash :p
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