I need help..AGAIN, with these silkies..please!!!UPDATE::PICS

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by justusnak, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. justusnak

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    OK, you all know about the 20 little rescued silkie/cross. Well, I got home today, and this woman had called me.....( the dirty chicken lady) She said.....she had a woman that wanted to buy some of " her chickens" And could she bring this woman over and see them, or come and get a few and take them back!!!! [​IMG] IS SHE NUTS!????? [​IMG] I am thinking she wanted me to get them healthy, so SHE can sell them and make better money. Well, thats NOT gonna happen. So, what I need, is for you all to please....someone, come get some of these poor babies. I plan on telling her that I have already found them GOOD homes. The problem is...she knows where I live, and that I can NOT put these babies in a locked place. If she came by, when I was not home, she could easily get to them. I CANT let her take them back....they are just now starting to get pink in thier feet, and have learned what a feed bucket is...and a few come running when I approach them. I have got to get them in forever homes...and soon! I will be contacting the SPCA after I post this, to ask them what my options are...and possibly send them pics in E Mail. But, these babies need a SAFE, clean forever home.Can anyone help???
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  2. devora

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    Oh man I'd love to help but I'm way out in CA and don't know how to integrate a new bird.

    You'll get help, I'm sure. It's so cool that you're doing this. Put up a "Chicken Thief Cam" so you can catch the witch if she tries to reneg. (Sorry I sound a bit peeved but she agreed so she should just walk away!)
  3. bantymum

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    Oh darn, Deb have you got a friend who has a laundry or somewhere to hide them for a few days?
    Deb, can they be transported to other BYCers. If the BYC rescuers pay the freight perhaps you can ship them.
    Its a pity that she knows where you live, a good lesson for others who may have to go through this.
    Ok hows about some electric tape that runs on a battery. thats should keep her away.
    Just try to dissuade her from coming,
    I wish I could help here. I feel so useless.
    Good luck keep us posted.
    I just had a thought. If they were all freighted in a truck to a major central point close to the other kind people here, well perhaps they can all chip in to pay the driver at the other end. is this possible?even if the BYCers drive for 2 hours to get there.
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  4. justusnak

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    Thanks Devora....I have no way to put up a camera...I am jsut sick...thinking she was "useing me" To get them healthy, and then SHE wants to SELL them!! I pay to get them healthy, and care for them, she makes money!?? I DONT THINK SO!! NOT on MY watch. I just have to get these porr birds moved, and fast..so they are safe. I am putting locks on all the coops this weekend...I guess I will just have to try and shuffle them all around, and try to get them under lock and key. What a mess...I cant believe she is doing this, or at least TRYING to!
  5. justusnak

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    Bantymum, you must have posted while I was posting! LOL They might be able to handle being shipped....they are a lot stronget than they were when I got them. Most can scratch the ground now. There are only a few that have bleeding once in a while. I am thinking of putting those few in a small hutch, with plenty of plain old straw, untill their feet are healed better. Just to stop them from scratching in the dirt. I know they want to, but they dont realise its makeing thier feet worse. I can get maybe 4 in lockdown, right now. I have a rabbit hutch, I can fit 2 in each side, comfortably...and put a lock on there. This is just makeing me sick!! What a WITCH she is!!
  6. bantymum

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    Definately Deb,
    I would get them outta there asap.
    Im sure they could handle a ship if they are in hay on a firm non slip surface for turning corners.
    I reckon that this evacuation mission would be possible. The word "cant" is not in my vocabulary.
    What do you reckon Deb, maybe a new thread title to alert everyone as to the urgency.
    You need to find out by getting a map and marker pen where everyone is who wants some and work out a good point for pickup.
    They should email you with their addresses.
    I do hope this is possible.
    Then get cardboard boxes. but we can cross that stage when we get to it!!
  7. justusnak

    justusnak Flock Mistress

    Bantymum, yes, I am waiting on replys...so I can get these birds moved before she can try to get them back. I think LEGALLY, she has no recourse...but....we know how aome people are..they dont care about laws. As soon as I can get some addresses, I will try to ship out as many as I can...or, if ANYONE can come get a few...if nothing else....to help me find them homes. I just dont want her to get her hands on them again!
  8. SunChick

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    Feb 23, 2007
    Bel Air, Maryland
    post no trespassing signs. She crosses it call the authorities. i would call animal control on her anyways.
  9. bantymum

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    Hi again Deb, Perhaps someone here that lives over there can co-ordinate this evacuation.
    The coordinator Just get lists of names and addresses etc and how many they can take and tell you how many in each cage/box and let you continue doing what you do best.
    Even a horsefloat/truck will suffice if you cant get a truckie.
    Dont forget, Deb's on dial up!!!
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  10. DuckLady

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    Tell her you will be glad to sell them to the person she wants to bring over. And if the one who gave them to you wants them back, CHARGE HER!

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