I need help, broken leg/ankle on cochin rooster

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  1. It has been one of those weeks, just went out to feed my girls and 1 boy, and I noticed that Vida Blue, our blue cochin rooster is limping. I picked him up and his foot seems to just dangle there. I don't know what happened, I am thinking he slipped, because we have had a lot of rain, and one part of the coop is open to weather. What do I do, to determine what is wrong?
    Needless to say any help is very appreciated.

  2. I had a friend, a nurse, come over and she checked him out and says that he is definitely broken in is "hock" joint (?) is that what you call the what would be knee area on a rooster?
    Either way be perceeded to splint it straight out. He didn't even budge when we were working on him, so either he is in shock or he knows that we were trying to help him.
    Either way, how long should I let that splint be on his leg? I heard a week to two weeks, does that sound correct?

    Thanks petra

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