I need help on Georgia Laws and Ordinances!


7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
My husband and I are in the process of moving from Missouri to Georgia. We would like to get chickens when we get a house but I am having trouble finding information on the local laws and ordinances. We are looking for houses in Dallas, Hiram or Powder Springs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Check out the Paulding County ordinances online, but if you move into anywhere with covenants, those rule over county laws. Never assume anything, see it written with your own eyes. Never rely on a realtor to tell you or even a county official--look it up for yourself. Ask for copies of written HOA rules if you consider a house in a covenanted subdivision (which I don't recommend).

This may help some:


Go to Chapter 14 (Animals) for the county codes.
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