I Need Help On These Rare Expensive Lavender Orpington Chicks


9 Years
Dec 25, 2010
ham lake
I Ordered Some Lavender Orpington Chicks Off Line And They Hatched They Are Verrrrrrry Rare And I Looked At The Price On Google And To Me It Sounded To Expencive Give Me Your Opinion On The Price Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz;)
What is it exactly that you're asking? I'm guessing that you ordered some chicks and now want to know if you got a fair price? You would need to provide some details of your purchase for anyone to give you feedback on it.
i bought the eggs off of ebay and the google searched price and it said any where from 16$ -20$ a chick and i was confused on why so much and i was woundering if i should raise the price or drop it and yes they are a project bird but they are relitivley new to the us on sidering only 1000 are in the us at this time
What are you bidding on? Eggs or chicks? if the post says only 1000 in the us they are wrong! I did a search on eggs (saved fav) and over 10 are listed just on eBay. They are nice but if it is $5 an egg you are wasting money. There is a good breeder here that offers lavenders And they are no where near that price
my feed store white orp has a lavender butt

you may purchase her from me for the low low price of 10,000 dollars
sorry the post i was looking at was very out dated but still the birds are rare in MN where i live and i am looking to circulatar the breed a little and i bid on eggs got them and they hatched a few days ago

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