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    We lost Cybil last week, her symptoms were an enlarged area between her legs and under her vent and it was hard, I thought she was eggbound. She was 2 years and 4 months old and hasn't been laying for a few months. I also thought she had an impacted crop as it was also enlarged, I terated her for that with soft food and lots of liquids and draining her once a day for a few days, she seemed to be on the mend and then she just took a turn for the worse and died overnight Friday night.
    Her sister Haley, same age Golden Comet hen is starting to show the same symptoms, enlargged and hard belly between her legs and under her vent, no signs of empacted crop yet though. We can't stand to loose another one, can anyone help. I did try antibiotics but figured if it was blocked crop that antibiotics would only make it worse.
    Could it be worms or another parasite? I am not seeing any evidence of that anywhere, also her poop has turned baby food mashed pea green / yellow. [​IMG]
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    Did you check inside the first after she died? That would have answered the egg bound question or whether she was laying internally. I don't know what to tell you to do for them. Sorry.

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