i need information about rooster raising!! please


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Apr 29, 2010
Okay, so we want a rooster our flock consists of 3 rir 2 barred rocks 1 ee and 1 buff orpington. I have never had a roo but my husband really wants one. how does it work I love my eggs don't want to eat a bunch of fert eggs. If we were to get one what breed is really friendly and could it mate with all of them? Would we have a crazy bunch of hybred chickens? If so then what breed would be best for breeding and freindly and do they breed all the time? Please help me understand how to raise a rooster. Do they live in a different area of the yard? what do i feed them can they eat the same food? if not then how do i keep it different? and if we get a rooster and quarentine it for a moth and it is healthy can i put it right in with the girls or will they attack the way they do with new hens? so many questions please help. thanks
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Oh one more thing i love my EE could i get a EE rooster and would he mate with everyone? or just the EE? and if he did and the eggs hatched would they be green eggs?
Fertile eggs are safe to eat and taste just the same as the non-fertile eggs.

If you have one rooster, then he will probably mate w/ all of your hens.

The rooster can eat what ever your hens eat.

He can live w/ your hens, too.

Some roosters are agressive, but most aren't.
I would say you need either a, Buff Orpington Roo, or a EE roo or something like that.
Um, it would depend if they looked like their mom or their dad.
I have two EE roosters w/ my flock of about ... 50 or 60 or 70 birds and most of the chicks I've hatched this year either had green or blue feet, or had a pea comb, or looked like a EE. So probably.

Their eggs will probably be green.
To get ee chicks, you don't have to have an ee father and an ee mother. There are other breeds that can mate with an ee hen and still produce ee chicks.

So you might want to get one of the other breeds (i think buff orp is one that works with) so you can have ee chicks and another breed chicks. My buff orp rooster is darling - very docile. Not much of a protector necessarily - but a beauty and a darling.
so if we get a buff orpington we can put him in with the girls after we know he is healthy and they wo't attack him if he is still little? we have some 6 week old pullets and we wat a 6week old or so roo can we put them together no problem? and when we put those girls with our ladies who are much older when we intergrate them? are they more likely to accept him then the girls? we have a plan for slow intergration with the hens but what about him?
It depends on the rooster. Some of mine crow 24/7 and others just crow every now and then.

You can have more than just 1 rooster in the same pen. I have 13 or 15 roosters all in the same pen.
I think i would use a slower integration plan. At least expose them to each other before immersion. A rooster might make his authority known right away, or he might also need some time. It's hard to say.

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