I need new supplies for my coop


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Jun 18, 2014
I love my chickens and my coop, completely impossible for any predators to get in, but I absolutely hate the setup of it. As of right now I have two wonderful Dark Cornish chickens (Of course I'd like to get more.
). One hen and one rooster. I have a 50 pound feeder that has lasted me 5 years and I don't plan on getting rid of it. I have one red one gallon plastic waterer that I cannot stand and two smaller 2 pound feeders for the grit and oyster shell. They tend to tip the waterer over spilling everything and they have cracked both of the small feeders. Winter is coming quick and in Wisconsin I can't have them dumping the water and it freezing under them. So my question is, is there a more efficient watering system, DIY or store bought, I don't care. Maybe something that will hold more water and won't get so messy. A mechanism that makes it impossible for my rooster to be a rooster and tip it over? Thank you so much for the help!!!


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Jul 3, 2014
My Coop
My Coop
If you do this, make sure you use the horizontal nipples as shown in aart's post, Vertical nipples will freeze. I have a similar set up, only I use a 2 gallon bucket. Here is a photo of mine:

I only have 5 chickens now, so this is a good size for me. I use a birdbath de-icer and a pond pump in my bucket, it is up in the air if the pond pump is needed or not. I would place the nipples a couple inches up from the bottom though, we've figured out the warm water rises, so you don't want them right at the bottom. If it starts freezing up, i'll through the aquarium heater back in though. On vary cold nights i'll bring it in at night and put it back out in the morning.
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