I need opinions of our Community Garden plan for 2009.

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  1. We're planning to offer a limited amount of community garden plots next year (6 plots only) on our farm to local people who don't have the space at their homes and who want to grow their own food.
    Each plot will be 15' X 15'.

    With the membership, plot holders will also have acess to raspberry picking in June and July, discounts on eggs, jams, preserves, pies, and breads normally sold, herbs grown here in a private herb garden, a wide variety of flowers for picking, and picking their own pumpkins from our pumpkin patch in October.
    At some point we will also have goat milk available.

    There is a farm in MA who charges and gets $1000.00 per "farmshare" for a similar program that doesn't involve letting their shareholders have any growing space of their own.

    I am *thinking* about asking $300.00 per year, per family for the membership and the garden plot.
    I have a paved parking lot available already, as well as a functional, clean outhouse.
    I really have nothing to base my fee on other than the other farm above, so I have no idea if I'm within the acceptable range or not. That said, please feel free to tell me if you think it's a crazy amount. I'm really just trying to test the water before I actually broach it to the list of families I have who want the plots.

    Thanks for any help.
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    $1000 definitely seems like too much, and even the $300 seems a little pricey in my opinion.

    However, for what is being offered that could be a good deal,

    discounts on eggs, jams, preserves, pies, and breads

    I mean, this alone got my mouth watering.​
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    Tivoli, NY
    There is a community farm down the road from us. It's $500/year, but you aren't required to do any work on the farm so it's a little different than what you're talking about. They grow the vegetables and people can pick them up once a week or they can be delivered.
    My sister lives in Boston and she participates in something like this so she can get fresh vegetables. We have our own garden.
    I think it's a great idea. This is the link to the farm down the road: www.heartyroots.com
    We are 2 hours from NYC, so there are a lot of people with money around here.

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