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Apr 22, 2018
Caldwell Tx
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My Coop
I have five chicks, all of them hatched either Thursday or Friday. I have been able to watch them all weekend and be sure that mamas are doing a good job, water is available, all of that stuff. Tomorrow I go back to work and my quandry is this. If I leave them with mamas there is a chance they will be injured or dehydrated or whatever while I am at work. I could put them in the brooder with food and water and I know they would be safe. However, when mamas raise them, they are integrated almost immediately and if I take them away I will have to do that myself later. Also, there are a few eggs still to hatch and the mamas are basically ignoring them. What should I do?
If the broody hens are off their nests and with the hatched chicks, those other cold eggs aren't going to hatch. have you candled them to see what's happened in there? Are they duds anyway?
I leave chicks with their mamas, although are there any problems with the different broody hens interacting with each other? If they are getting along that's great, if arguing, separate the families for now.
I appreciate all your input! I am going to leave the babies alone. All three Mamas are getting along fine, and even seemed to take turn watching the chicks. I have one more Broody hen and gave the eggs to her. I'm not exactly sure what I am looking for inside the eggs but some of them are still warm.
Broody hens have been raising chicks for millions of years and humans with chicks have been going to work for tens of thousands of years - leaving the task to hens. They don't need your intervention.
Look up embryonic development as seen in candled eggs; it's obvious if there's no development, partial development, and sometimes if the embryo is moving in there. It's not fun to have a rotten egg explode under a broody hen! :sick

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