I need so opinions on making a tough decision (for me atleast)

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  1. Ok, so I hvae had chickens for 2 years now. I have ordered chicks both years, but now I am wanting to expand my intrest in poultry. I hvae been having a real hard time deciding on wether I want to go into/get some peacocks or some ducks. I have a warm climate by the way, and I am looking to spend below 1,500 for an aviary for ethier. I just wanted to know from all the chicken lovers what I should get and what you would want?

    Thanks you guys!
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    Ducks are incredibly messy but cute beyond belief. If you can set up a pond with a drain system they can be pretty cool. They quack but are not annoying at all. Peacocks are pretty in a regal sort of way. Of course they don't fan their feathers all the time and that's when they look the best. They make an absolutely horrible noise though. They scream. They scream really loud and the first time you hear it you will think that some women is having her guts ripped out by the Boston Strangler. If you have neighbors within 500 yards you will probably get complaints or dead birds.

    I would go with ducks. JMO [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Ugg! I hate 'pros and cons' [​IMG] ! I live near a farm with a few neighbors, but they farm had ALOT of peacocks. I haer the noise all the time, and I [​IMG] it. To me is sounds like a huge cat. [​IMG] Which setup for each, do you think would be cheaper?
  4. Anybody else?
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    I have both, my ducks free range with the geese and chickens. They have a pond, but it is their solemn duty to mess up every clean waterer or pool on my property. [​IMG]
    I have just one pair of white peacocks, I think they sound more like a monkey screeching, I love it. And the are penned.
    So my solution is get both. [​IMG]
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  6. [​IMG] I would love to, and it might be in the future.l For right now though I can only get one. Do you have a preference for one. And, do peafowl warm up to thier owner like a chicken does by following them around and etc.?
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    The best thing about ducks is they don't really need a setup. Mine free range, have a kiddie pool, and go in the coop to bunk with the chickens at night. [​IMG]
  8. I have predators, so I am sure I will have to build an aviary. [​IMG]
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    Ducks do need a secure night pen.

    With ducks you also get lots of eggs (if you pick the right breed) and a good meat source (again, if you pick the right breed). If you just want eye candy, the peacocks win, but I am a more practical sort. I want food.
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    Quote:One time our mailman was delivering a package and as he was backing out our peacock fired off and it about scared the poor mailman half to death. He said he thought he had backed over someone. LOL

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