I need some female advice on long term c section pain


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
ok I have had 4 c sections. All was fine till this last one. Now I have a thick long hard I guess I would call it lump where the incision is. Normally doesn't hurt much unless I do to much abdominal work. Somtimes though it feels like its tearing. Sometimes it just burns or feels like I am being stabbed. About mid month though the pain gets pretty hard to handle for like 3 or 4 days. Any clue? I have only 20 more days on current insurance and then having to switch so I am not planning on getting anything done for at least a month or so. I can control the pain with Advil or tylenol but I hate to do that. Covering up pain seems like a bad idea until I know its nothing serious. I am hoping its just a really bad stitch up job. Praying really hard. This is the first time my normal doctor did not stitch me up, she was so backed up in the OR she had some strange old guy finishing up. No clue who he was but thinking he did something different than she normally did. I never had this pain. Its been 2 years and the pain just keeps getting a bit worse. Ideas?
Ive had that with my first and only C section. They could not find anything wrong. So I put up with it for a long time finally no pain but the damage still hurts now and then when I over do myself. Its been almost 7.5 years since I had it done.
I had terrible ovulation pain after mine, doubled up in agony and vomitting with it. Then I got pregnant again, miscarried, but after that my ovulation pain has been nothing more than a twinge. I did have to have the baby removed so it's possible that the clearing of my uterus fixed a problem I didn't know I had. I'd go to your doctor if i were you
I'm sorry, what I just heard is you need to have 1 more baby and lost every thing else lol. I'm going to go tell the hubby one last baby is medically necessary. I'm only sorta joking

I will be talking to the doctor about it after the insurances switch over. I don't want to get denied because of a pre existing. That would sorta sink us.
This is exactly what I thought. I have had 2 c sections and i too have rare intermitent pain. I am positive mine is from adhesions as it only happens when I move a certain way etc. The doc has no control of you getting adhesions or not but the more surgeries you have, the more likely you are to get them.
the flip side of that is that IF the operation removed whatever the problem was too, it's possible that whatever it was could have CAUSED the baby to die. So go to the doctor, get yourself checked out... make sure it's safe... THEN tell hubby it's medically necessary! ;-)
I thought Obama made it impossible for insurance to deny you because of pre existing clause.

I sorta think anything from the government is a bunch of poo so not trusting something that was slopped together to guarantee me insurance. Better safe than sorry.
I had two csections 12 months apart. Dr said horrible adhesions after first one, had pain entire second pregnancy. Now if I get up off of floor and twist wrong I get an abdominal charley horse. That is the only way I can describe it. Mine doesn't occur often, just long enough for me to forget what way not to move, then bam, it hits. Stays sore for a day or so after. I am convinced it is adhesions, as Was said earlier the more surgery, the greater chance of problems, and cannot do much, it is your body tring to repair itself that does it. Hope your doc has an idea that may help when you go for help, good luck.

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