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Mar 11, 2010
[] I picked up 4 pure breed americaunas and they were kept in wire floored cages. when i got them home i seen that there toe nails were like 2" longer than my birds and kind of flopping around. i know these birds never have been on the ground they looked so confused when i let them into a coup and they just stared at my other birds free ranging like what the hell are doing ouy there scratchin and chasin bugs. cant wait to give them some free range freedom. now can i cut the to nails or will they wear off? i wonder if it hurts? any ideas would be greatly helpful Thanks Rick.P.S. 1hr. after arrival 2 blue jems om the coup floor.20wks old
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Feb 21, 2010
Maybe someone else can chime in here.I have had to trim or cut spur's on a couple of bird's in the past but never had excessive long basic toenail's either.But then again most of the bird's I used to have had basic free range outside or had run's.I have even used one of those Pedipaw thing's on a couple of my older roo's that had gotten overgrown on spur's before.We had one older Cochin he was so feathered We didnt notice his spur had gotten so big and was curling into his leg.We actualy had to cut it off with a hacksaw blade a little at a time but he did real good with no blood etc.You basicaly have to have someone help you usualy if you are doing nail's.But I worked on my serema myself but then again he was no bigger than a soda can so....Cutting the nails will not hurt them if you cut a little at a time and make sure you have sharp clippers that wont twist the nails sideways while cutting them.I have a Blue Front Amazon We cut twice a year and their nails are basicaly the same.

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