I need some mom reassurances.

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    May 11, 2009
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    I know I say this alot but I really do not like doctors. The doctor questioning my youngest daughters weight has put my mind in a bit of turmoil. Even knowing the facts about her genetic background and how hyper she is, I am still worried. The doubt was introduced and it eats at me. All her tests came back and they say she is healthy for now. If she doesn't start gaining faster then they may try some more extreme tests. Well she is not gaining at all. I weight her daily now. I have started pushing so much food on her, she is now not eating at times simply to annoy me I swear. I offer food and she laughs and runs off. If anything her activity level has picked up too. that could be from all the extra sugar, fat, and calories I manage to tempt her into though. Since that stupid last appointment she has stopped napping, and only sleeps at night 5 or 6 hours. I try to get her to sleep more but no dice. I am worn out and she is just running. Now every little bruise, every skipped snack or meal and I am a nervous bloody wreck.

    So here are the facts. She is now 20 months old. She is jumping between 20.8 lbs and 21 lbs even. She is 32 inches tall. She is still teething ( her teeth came in late). She is very active. She eats well when she eats. She is also back on the bottle at the pediatricians insistance and everything she drink has calories now. I also use carnation instant breakfast in all her milk and her bottles to up the calories, vitamines, and such. I am considering putting her on liquid vitamines since it was suggested that might actually boost her appetite. She also bruises easily. Not low in iron they checked that. They also checked her enzymed and checked for just about every metabolic disorder under the sun. She is my 4th and smallest. She was also born 4 weeks early and was very small. She also tested initially positive for a metabolic disorder and was on a reduced protein diet for about 2 weeks. It ended up being a false positive caused by being a preemie. They also retested for that again this time just in case.

    If they keep up with this scaring me at every turn I will end up not enjoying her childhood. I was never so worried about my others.
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    My oldest DS was small like your DD. Between 18 months and about 5 years he grow very little. Doctors wanted to do all the test and I told them no. Few short people in our family so we waited to see what happen. Today he is healthy 33 year old that is about 5' 10". Not overly tall but not short either. I would go with your gut feeling on this. She was early and may need the extra time to catch up. I would watch all the extra sugar and caliores though. You said you thought she was fine and doing good then why fill her up with all the junk and set her up for other problems. Some times I think the doctors are just test happy. Enjoy your DD they are only young once.
    Just my 2 cents worth
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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    I am just trying desperately to get her to gain. I am still looking at switching pediatricians after all this but just haven't. They used all kinds of scare tactics to get me to agree to over $1300 in blood tests and now I cannot get those out of my head. Even with the tests coming back normal and showing she is healthy. They add right afterwards...."for now" I just need to find another pediatrician and maybe after I hear something not scary from them I will feel better. Its just been nothing but trauma from the beginning. We almost lost her at the hospital due to an error on their part and then the false positive test. I just am so nervous about every little thing. She can pass developmental tests with flying colors and do better than she should at this age and I still worry over it. Its unreasonable I know but its like they pushed the panic button and there is no off switch now.
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    I did not run into that issue with my son until he was 11 years old. He is now almost 22 years old, 6'1 and 130 lbs. I am not really sure where that came from but Ken jokes that the only reason he has knees is because he tied in his legs in knots.

    Just trying to interject a light hearted moment from the fat mother of a skinny kid.
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    Sorry you are so stressed, hope it alleviates soon.
    Is your daughter's weight and height proportionate to each other? If so, I wouldn't worry so much about her weight, if she is eating healthy foods. My son is 20 lbs right now and he will turn 2 years old next month.
    As for the bruising and lack of sleep, trust your instincts. If it were me I would continue to follow up on testing, etc until I felt confident with the results. Having you seen more than one doctor? It might help to get a second opinion.
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    Jul 16, 2011
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    My daughter was 4 weeks early as well. The pediatrician told me that it would take her 2 years to catch up with other children her age due to being born early. She had a umbilical hernia when she was born that did go away. She also had to be given glucose water by bottle immediately at birth and was on a breathing machine briefly at birth.
    So she got a rocky start upon arrival.
    She is 12 years old and is doing quite well. The first 2 months was a little tuff as she did not want to nurse after being given that bottle in the hospital against my wishes. I had a battle on my hand and I was determined that mother's milk was what she was going to get. At 2 months she finally latched on and quickly grew. She ate like crazy. Did not start baby food until 6 months. At 8 months I stopped nursing because she would not sit still or lay down anymore. Took her to formula and she had allergies to the first two we tried. By 1 year she was off of formula and onto normal food. Seems like she ate half of everything that I did. At least I lost weight during those years.
    I know it is hard to not listen to the doctor. They are supposed to know what is right. But remember they are also putting us all into a graph or chart of what we are supposed to weight according to the standards. Not all babies are alike. Not all toddlers are alike. Not all adults are alike. Some are just smaller and thinner than others.
    I agree, giving her sweets and fatty foods is not healthy for her. She need to be eating healthy foods. Lots of fruits and veggies. There are many crackers for toddlers that are good for you as well. Are you giving her juices? 100% juices are the best for her. Yes, the extra sugars will make her more active and she will do more exercise thus losing weight. Extra sugars are not helping her either. The carnation is good for her but it may be filling her up. When you supplement vit and min sometimes they fill you and you are not hungry.
    Just leave it in God's hands and let him worry about it. That is His job not ours. He created her just as she is and whatever happens it is in His hands. Enjoy the gift He has given you. Pray daily for God to make her happy and healthy and don't take back the worry you gave to him.
    P.S. I forgot about the bruising. Our daughter fell down all the time and fell into things and always had bruises. She loved to climb on everything which always led to falling. I always said people were going to think we abuse her but the bruises were from her being a typical 2 year old.
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    I am speaking as a mother and grandmother - not as a doctor or "expert." As long as your daughter is happy and active, I wouldn't worry about her weight or her food intake. Kids go through stages. One of my granddaughters is 17 months old, and she eats very little. However, she's happy & active - and I feel confident that when her body needs the food, she'll start eating more. Another granddaughter who is now 8 years old was actually sent to "eating therapy" when she was a baby. I think it was a case of an over-anxious doctor. She's was absolutely fine then, and she's absolutely fine now. I think trying to give your daughter extra calories via sugary or high calorie items might start some bad habits that would be hard for her to overcome later. Some kids are just small.

    The only issues that sound concerning to me are the easy bruising and the lack of sleep. I would follow up on those. You really need a doctor that you trust, though. THat is so important.

    Good luck! I'm really sorry you're having such a stressful time.
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    May 2, 2009
    I agree with piecemaker. I also think I would get a second opinion. Drs. don't know everything. That is why they call it "Practicing" medicine! If nothing has showed up on the tests, I wouldn't worry so much. She seems to be a happy healthy 20mt old. She was a preemie, and maybe she's just gonna be small. My DGD and DGS both were early and were small, (under 4 lbs, their mother has cystic fybrosis) and they are happy, and normal 5 & 8 yr olds. My nephew was the same and he is now in his mid 20's and over 6' tall and a little chunky! [​IMG] It's so hard being a parent! I will say a prayer for you for peace and wisdom. [​IMG] The Lord is in control. Just trust Him. I would also not give her a lot of the sugary snacks. Good healthy fruits and veggies. Also, just a thought, I'm not sure if this falls under metabolic disorders, but have they checked so see if she is absorbing her vitamins and minerals? That could be an issue with underweight. Just take a few deep breathes and know the drs haven't found anything seriously wrong and take some comfort in that blessing.[​IMG]
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    I would go for a second opinion...it cant hurt to see what others have to say.
    Good luck!
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    Since I've been a nurse for 40 years, I can't say "Don't listen to the Dr.", because many folks don't listen when they should have. However, this is one time that I will say that I would take what the pediatrician says with a "thanks..I'll keep an eye on her".

    As long as she is eating healthy food, her weight will eventually stabilize wherever it is suppose to be. The good Lord knows where that is. All kids are different...don't worry....be happy!!

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