I need them!!!!!


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
you guys must get how I feel. I have ducklings that are being shipped on monday and getting here on wendsday! I need them now is anyone else waiting for ducklings that they want now!!!!!?
I think your going a little bit nuts about these ducks, and being addicted, and all that. Calm down, before you know it you will have so many your over whelmed. I have 24, and its near impossible to rehome any of them, and they are gorgeous, and I have plenty of females. I have all the time in the world, a nice coop, money, It just still gets over whelming to think wow, I have wayyyy tooo many. Dont take this offensive or anything, Just a friendly warning.
I was joking lol! I dont really want any more after this and I think I can wait a little bit longer hehehe. I know if I get to many I wont be able to feed them all hahaha.
I totally understand how you feel! I had to wait 28 days for mine.
What breed(s) did you order?
It is fun to be excited over something that is so wonderful!!! I feel the love totally. How many do you have now? I like to try to keep everyone in my mind. BTW I love your "Feather'd Puppy Tag"! Cute.
Right now I have 8 but im rehoming to next week. So I will then have 6 + the 6 more that is 12 but I told my brother that I would let him have 1 duckling next year cuz he wants one and I plan on keeping a hen next year as well so by spring next year I will have...... 14 lol.

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