I need to find a good home for my 1 year old gorgeous Bantam Rooster.


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Los Gatos (bay Area)
I have a flock with a Rooster that we hatched ourselves. Hes 1 year old. He used to be super nice to me but was wary of everybody else. As of yesterday he know attacks me and I wont tolerate that. My kids are afraid as he attacks them. It wasnt a big deal but now I cant go into my own yard without jeans and a big rake. LOL
I dont want to kill him. Hes very pretty and hes definately fertile. So does anybody want him? Im selling him for super cheap only because you have to enter a dollar amount to post this. Really he could go for free if its a good home that wont kill him

Where in california are you? I'm in Alameda county. Is he really loud? I'd like him but if he'd bug my neighbors I can't take him.

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