I need to find new homes for my 3 cats MICHIGAN SE

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    Jun 4, 2008
    South Lyon, Michigan

    My neighbor has threatened to kill my cats if they are in his yard. We have contacted the police dept, their response was to keep the cats out of his yard. His child has even thrown sticks and rocks at the cats [​IMG]

    I have a fixed female (2yrs) names Charlotte, she is all black medium to long haired

    1 long hair all black male, 8 months, not fixed named Fuzzybuns

    1 short hair all black except for the tip of his tail, which is white male, 8 months, not fixed, my kids call him Whitey.

    They are all very loving cats, but I don't want to risk their safety. I am right outside of South Lyon, MI zip code 48165

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