I need to know How many perches. How wide for 14 chickens.


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My 6 big girls stay on one perch all stuffed together. The new babies sleep the same way in the nursery. If I do a ladder type with 5 perches 4 feet wide do you think this would be enough that is the width of the coop. My coop is longer then wide so we did not have to cut so much wood.
you should have different perches at different hights and different locations. this gives them some choices because each bird has a favorite hight at a different place
I believe 8-10 inches per bird depending on breed size is considered minimum. 4*5=20ft. so you should have plenty.
Most people use 2x4 wide side up as roosts. 2x3 may work, they don't really perch like many birds, more sit and squat. Mine seem content with a 2x4. They are still young, so they have 7 ft for 13 birds and don't use it all. I have a second roost I'll fold down soon to double the space. They seem to like to roost against each other for now.
I use some old tree branches for the more natural feel/ look. They all (5) seem to crowned on to only one perch. I didn't think about the different heights. Good thing my coop is changeable since I seem to be frequently making modifications!

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