I need to know the good andd bad qualities of my seramas. **NEW PICS**


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I have two silkied serama roos that look the same so if it looks like there is two different ones thats why lol.
I'm wondering how good or how bad they would be.

Idk if this pic helps at all


or this one lol


I think these two are PQ


Birchen serama hen with a broken wing (she fell off a perch when she was young but it doesnt affect her at all) Would be used for breeding


Group pic




When they were much younger

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ok to start first roo looks decent, hard to tell about his size to truely breed serama you'll have to scale them and grade them.
Second pic hen doesn't look too bad, can't really tell from the angle but she is better than the 3rd hen pic the forward hen send her down the road as a black jap breeder, the hen in the back ground of the 3rd pic doesn't appear silkied but she looks way better than the forward hen does. The 4th pic of the birchen says GOOD BYE her leg color is incorrect for a serama and a Jap. Hope this helps.
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Leg color is not specified in the standard:

Legs & Toes: Legs- average length -- widely set, parallel to each other without bowing or knock ed knees, well proportioned.
I think you have some pretty nice white silkied seramas. I would like to see some more profile shots, but if you want to concentrate your efforts, these guys are the ones to focus on. The birchen has a pretty long back, from what I can see. That would put her out of a breeding pen for me, because she doesn't have any other great physical characteristics to balance out this pretty big flaw, even if she were paired with a very short-backed roo, which you don't have. Seramas, however, are great little broodies, so I would use her to hatch and raise eggs from your whites. Same with the black ones.

I would really like better profile pics from your whites to see the differences in the roos. That is easier said than done, though, I know. They sure are pretty little things!
Angled view pictures make the back look really short when it may not be. So side views would help. And although color should have nothing to do with selection, you might want to give special consideration to the white ones. When Seramas are recognized by the APA/ABA, white will be the first standard color. The rest will be AOV. If you plan on showing or marketing your birds, a really good white one will be a good foot in the door!
I just got in and its too dark to take pics, so i will get some tomorrow. The lady that sold me the Silkied White ones, got them from Jerry In LA. So think they will breed true to color
Well, maybe so and maybe not. I don't think Jerry does a lot of working with his sikied seramas, at least not that he shows off. I think he is one of the ones that are working on a white standard serama, but I may be wrong. He has a bazillion colors. I know that there are only a couple of breeders with true whites in standard seramas. It has taken quite a bit of work to breed them, so it would be pretty amazing if your silkied ones happen to breed true. Either way, you could work on a white project and also work with any colors if they happen to show up.
are seramas the same thing as japanese just smaller? i have seen so many photos now that look so similar to my japanese chickens it has me wondering the differences.

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