I need to relocate 6 birds...temporarily, possibly permanently?...

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    May 6, 2009
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    We're having zoning issues because of a law breaking appraiser that shared our personal information with the township zoning officer. We're allowed 2 chickens...and so far is the zoning officer is aware, thats what we have (they are in a pen in the house b/c we don't have a satisfactory pen outside...so he has not seen them)....but we have 8 and need 6 out in case we need to allow him in our home. We may be able to eventually take them back....but at least for a few months we need to relocate them! Ideally I would like someone to take them who will allow us to take them back (at any time) if we are able...but would be willing to keep them forever (you will get to keep/utilize any eggs they produce). We may be willing to sell them for the right price.

    They are:
    1 easter egger pullet...clean faced
    2 splash mille fleur d'uccle
    1 blue mille fleur d'uccle
    1 serama hen ...blue wheaton?....wheaton colored body with blue tail
    1 porcelain dutch cockeral (very tiny...had growth issues until treating all with tetracycline...is now growing again and is almost fully feathered...some fluff on head)

    They were all hatched around the very start of May except for the serama hen who was hatched ~December and seems to be close to starting to lay. All but the serama are hatchery stock...serama is not a show quallity bird. Please message or e-mail me if interested...do not hit "buy it now" please.

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