I need your advice about freeranging peachicks "UPDATE"

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I have 6 cute 1 week old peachicks walking around free range with their mother. So far, they are doing good. The thing is, I am so scared that something is going to happen to them that I am stressing myself out. Last year only one hatched and it drowned in the stock tank as soon as it could fly. I don't want to go through that again. I really think I need to take them away from her and hand raise them. What do you think? Also, what would you put them in? A box, a cage etc?I had a place for the chicks I raised last year but can't use it now. I have been reading alot of posts trying to get all of this info, but it is so easy to post and ask. Please give me some ideas! Thanks!!
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Do you have a covered pen to put them all in? Our pea hens have never shown any interest in sitting at all. We have some smaller pens that we use as "maturnity" pens for our turkeys to raise poults in. It's keeps them safe until they get bigger.

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Yes, I have a covered pen. The peahen is not going to like being in there. She has been in there before and just paced the fence. I'm wondering if it would be better for all if she is seperated from the chicks
Does not matter what the mother likes or not does not like if you want the babies to grow up more safely.

After a week, I would not take the babies away.. they bond VERY strongly to their mothers.

Proof the pen against predators, and also best if the chicks cannot slip through the wire.. since they fly very well from early age, best if you can screen off all way up the sides if the spacing is bigger than one inch.
I have try letting peahen raise their own, they do lose some, peahen are very good mothers. Trouble I see predators, and peachicks on the ground. I raise mine all on wire bottom pens, to keep them out of the waste. Make sure you feed a medicated starter.

Myself I would pull them at day 2 after they are eating.

Many people have luck letting free range peahens hatch and raise the peachicks. Depends on your area, predators, diseases, worms, and etc.
Well, sad news from the farm...I came home from work last night and started looking for the mama and babies. In the front yard I found tail feathers and some breast feathers. I came up the side of the house and saw 3 babies in the garden. I finally caught them and penned the up. I kept looking for the rest but found only more feathers in the pasture. I know in my heart she died trying to protect those babies. She was right by a tree that she could've gotten into. We have had her for 2 years. It had to have been a coyote or a dog. I just can't believe they came that close to the house or the highway in the middle of the day! Our house sits right by the road. I have the babies in a wire cage in the office in our house. I put a heat lamp on them last night and gave them chick starter and water. This morning I put a little egg yolk crumbles on the food. They are still pretty traumatized. So now I guess I need to know what to do next. I need them to bond with me now. They were 2 weeks old monday. How much do I mess with them? The starter I have is chicken starter. How can I up the protein for them? I have raised chickens but never peafowl. We got our peacocks already full grown. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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