I need your opinion with my cochin bantams PLEASE!!!!


11 Years
Jan 5, 2009
Dennison Illinois
My girl has not laid any eggs yet. I went out yesterday and she was just sitting on the floor of the coop. I picked her up and put her in the nest box just to get her off the floor. I went out this morning and she was just laying in the box, but she was leaning to the side. After checking on her several times i brought her inside and put her under a heat lamp. She wouldn't eat or drink. I went out and got the roo and put him in with her. She started eating and drinking. Was she just wanting his attention or what. Now she stands straight instead of leaning to the side. She seems otherwise healthy. She's just not acting right. I'm not totally sure how old she is because i bought them at an auction several months ago. He is crowing, and has been since i got them.

Thanks for any info you can share with me. Natalie
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