I officially hate the post office! Do they stand a chance?


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I've had my eye on Chocolate Orpington eggs for a while but they go for silly price upwards of £100 for 6 so very expensive. I waited till now thinking they would come down in price. I managed to get some on Ebay for £40 and paid extra for special delivery. A week passed and nothing so I E-mailed the seller to check they had been sent he E-mailed me back on Saturday 3 days later and said that they had been posted 8 days ago and gave me a tracking number. When I checked the number it said they had tried to deliver but we were out so had left a card. The week before I did receive a card but when I collected it, it was for something else. Off I went to the post office, they couldn't find the parcel but said they would search and call me if they found them. Today Wednesday 12 days after they posted I got a call, turns out the postman had forgotten to take the sticker off the parcel and put on the card so they had got lost in the system
To add insult to injury she dropped the parcel as she was bringing it to the counter

The eggs are intact the post office was cool so I don't think they have been exposed to any heat, but they have been 12 days in the postal service. Do they stand any chance at all?
Your hatch rate probably would have gone down a bit from the length of time, and maybe a but more from her dropping them...
I think we all hate the Postal service. Some of the first eggs I ever shipped, I went to the PO, had the girl stamp Fragil all over the package, explained what was in the box and then she turns and tosses it into the big mail pouch. What part of Fragil and eggs did she not understand. The eggs arrived with 5 out of 15 eggs broken. 7 of the remainning eggs hatched so it wasnt a complete loss.
I've had decent luck except when they have to go through the Kansas City, Ks site. I've had them sit there for days before they leave that place. The last eggs I got came from the total opposite direction from me and "Still" went through that place and sat there an extra day. ACKKKKK!
When packed right, they should not break but that doesn't stop the eggs from "shaken egg syndrome" and I think that's as bad as being broken, same outcome.

I've been told you should Never put fragile on a box or what's inside or handle with care or Anything that might inflame a postal worker. I would expect they figure they handle them all with the same care and it's irks them when someone puts that on the box.
This year I shipped my first eggs out..and I put Fragile on them and when the person contacted my 3 days later the eggs were delivered to her house, and the postal carrier had handed her the box upside down..I guess it's my fault not to have put this end up on them...and I have never had any problems with my post office, so maybe I am just lucky....in your case I would put them in the bator just in case and hope for the best..I would also talk to the manager of the P.O...and higher if you have to. someone needs to know what an idiot they have working for them.

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