I only wanted 2 chickens lol


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Jun 1, 2020
Hi. I’m a newbie to BYC. But I’ve got to say this website has been a bit of a bible for me. I live on tiny island in Southeast England. At the moment I have 4 babies waiting to hatch and went into lockdown yesterday. Normally by day I tattoo people but with the worldwide lockdown, I became a housewife. :D
So thats where me growing chicks started. My husband always wanted chickens after spending time with my parents, who used to have them. I thought it would be brilliant to get him day old chicks for his birthday, unfortunately these were hard to source, a bit like PPE.:hmm . So I built him an incubator (after watching 100’s of you tube videos) and ordered eggs from eBay. I bought 6 but didn’t hold out much hope as the temperature kept fluctuating at first, I became a nervous wreck, diligently turning eggs every 5hrs, even through the night and was totally amazed at day 14 when I candelled them that 4 were living and you could see all the good signs (it took upto day 14 to find a good video of someone candling eggs to know what I was looking for properly). So now I am like an expectant mother hen. I just hope they get through the hatching process.
we live with my cockerpoo and my most annoying youngest son who also tattoos alongside myself, and between our children a hoard of grandchildren, who are very eggcited.
to give you a hint of what my sons are like, they thought it would be a good idea to surprise me with a delivery of lemon Brahma chicken eggs. (they told me they almost ordered an ostrich egg!!!) Which landed on my doorstep 2 days ago. I wasn’t impressed although, they thought it hilarious. Anyway I hope they do ok as I’ve had to put them in the same incubator, with high humidity As our only pet shop had a fire last wk and lost all their stock, so I can’t get another heat lamp anywhere atm. Oh and then my daughter in law thought would be a lovely surprise and bought two 1 day old chicks that she managed to find. thankfully We had the brooder ready due to the eggs. We only wanted 4 hens But I sense already, we’re going to end up with loads including giant brahmas. I just hope my babies that I’ve grown will be ok with the chicks so will have to watch them carefully. Im going to end up the mad chicken lady. :p


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Apr 10, 2016
Dorchester, NH
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Always starts with a few cute chicks you can't resist.. :welcome :lol: :frow

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