I picked them up at 7am! PICS


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10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
hi! i am SO happy all my chicks arrived safely and they were all peeping and ALIVE (thank goodness!) i got the call from my P.O. at 6:37 am and i was there at 7! i swear, they have grown wing feathers in the few hours since they have been here. the kids love them and i cant get enough. this is my first attempt at posting pics so here it goes....

they are: 16 slow growing cornish (for meat - how am i supposed to eat these?!
) 2 EE pullets, 2 EE roos, 2 Maran pullets(do not like to be picked up), 1 turken pullet(the cutest!), 1 SF pullet, 2 BO pullets and1 welsummer (i love her). they came from welp - shipped on monday from new mexico and were here today, so not bad transit time. thanks everyone for all the advice i have received and i am sure i will need much more along the way! now, back to my chicks!


10 Years
May 1, 2009
Adorable chicks, enjoy every day when they are tiny they don't stay that way too long!! Even tho I think my Cochin Bantams are just as adorable when fully grown!

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