I promised her chickens when we moved to the country

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    Mar 15, 2016
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    When my wife and I became a couple some years back, she let it be known that if we ever made it back to the country, she would love to have a few chickens. I promised that if/when we made that move she WOULD have those chickens. Fast forward about five years and we were in a position to buy half a farm well out in the hills of western Wisconsin (the half without the buildings). We set about building our house and getting settled deep in the woods on top a ridge with a beautiful view. Once the house was complete (a 2 1/2 year project), and a little rest and recovery completed, we ordered those chickens I promised, not realizing what a task I had given myself. I'm something of an OCD perfectionist when it comes to making things, and I'm afraid that bled over from building our house to building one for the chickens. Everything took longer than planned, and cost more than was believable, mainly because I was operating by the seat of my pants and making it up as I went. We started with a set of plans purchased off the internet, but personal choices and changes eventually had us arrive at something that didn't even resemble the original plans. The chickens quickly outgrew the small quarters on the floor of our dining room, and knowing the coop would not be done any time soon, I took the time out to build an interim coop that could sit in the garage. Fast forward a few weeks more, and we have finally completed the luxury suite for our six girls. Other than the stress of building the coop before they could start laying eggs in the garage, we have thoroughly enjoyed having them around. I didn't realize what distinct personalities they could have or how intelligent they can be. They just turned twenty weeks old this week, and from the signs, we expect to see our first egg any day now.



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    WELCOME to BYC and to the wonderful world of chicken keeping. What a wonderful gift you have given to your wife, and to yourself, these birds will bring such joy to both of you, as they seem to have already done.
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    I love this! [​IMG]
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    Great story and love the looks of your coop! It looks like you're enjoying those birds as much as your wife.

    Have fun!
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    When my third daughter was really little, she wanted chickens like her friends did. I think she was about 4 or 5. I told her that when we moved to the country, we would do that. This past spring we were able to make it happen for her (and the rest of our kids). She's now 10. It's so gratifying to reach a goal and make it happen!

    Great coop!
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