I put a switch on the coop door

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    I have an automatic Pop Door, but I am always afraid it didn't open or it didn't close. The chicken coop is 500 ft. from the house. Today I installed a switch on the door connected to a light outside the coop so that when the door is closed the light is on and when it is open the light is off. Long distance peace of mind.

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    Great idea... Only problem I've seen with the auto doors are the undecided chickens who don't know if they want to be in or out and end up getting smashed by the door.
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    Cool ideas to make sure it's open/closed. But I'd have to walk out there anyhow to do a headcount. I have had stragglers get shut out before, so I always check. I need a light that pops on with a roost headcount maybe??? [​IMG]

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