I put boiled egg pieces in Medicated Water to Encourage them to drink

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    Jul 28, 2010
    It seems to work great - just the whites though, not the yolks. In a shallow clear glass bowl, our four-week old babies "fish" for the pieces of boiled egg - often they "miss" and take several gulps of water before they get a piece of the food. I have to hold the bowl steady with one hand during the process or they would surely tump it over, but I have been pleased with the fluid intake.

    And any rate as a bonus when they do get a piece of the egg it is wet with medicated water. If I drop the egg pieces in from above they think it's a bug or something and are even more excited about what's in the water. Three of them though were so quick they caught a piece out of the air before it hit the water container though - I was impressed!

    Anything to get that medicine into them - we lost 10 in two days to a bacterial infection they got from the grass clippings we were using as bedding. Hard lesson learned.

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