i put light in the coop on at 4am off at 7am


11 Years
Jul 3, 2008
days are getting shorter and this past week egg production has gone dowm. was getting a dozen or more a day. now only 6 eggs a day. how long before they pickup again with the added light.
Mid coast Maine??! Me too! Well, not quite mid. A little south of Mid, I guess but MAINE all the same.
My Buff Orps have their light on all the time. I suppose I should switch it to go off. Do you think it is better to have it go on early in the morning or stay on into the night? Maybe I'll try lighting the evening hours and we'll see who gets more eggs! We have had a LONG molt-most of August they didn't lay at all. I actually broke down and bought a dozen eggs. It was awful. Now they are back and I'm getting 1-2 eggs a day. (3 hens)
In answer to your question...I don't know! I'd guess a couple of weeks maybe.
Why not put a timer and photo cell over-ride in the coop. That way you would have a consistant number of hours light and no light if daylight made the electric light not needed? I have light and heat in my coop. Thermostat set at 35 degrees. I live in Michigan and get temps down to -20 degrees regularly. If you live in Maine so do you probably.
i was told its better to have it come on in am like 4 and off at daylight that way they can roost at night when the sun goes down

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