I put this on the chick forum as well, rescued two chicks, pics video

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    Well, to make a long story short, my neighbor got some chicks for his kids for easter...they lost interest and he wanted to let them go..I happily took them, I already have 3 silkies and a polish that are about 6-8 months old. I have had them for about 3 months, they lay eggs every day and seem very happy. I just added these two chicks to the coop a few days ago and they seem to be doing pretty well, will they be ok with the bigger girls I was just spending some time at the coop, the bigger hens are not pecking them or anything.

    I have a few questions

    1. What breed could they be..they have feathers on their feet so I was thinking cochin or silkie, also I guess they are a little young to tell the sex I only can keep hens due the noise, but I guess I deal with that aspect later

    2. They seem to be eating starter feed and layer feed. Should be the ok, they also really love going after and eating mosquitos (a funny site).

    Thanks again for all the help on the board







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    Oooooh! Don't let the babies eat layer food. Take that out right away, as it has too much protein for their little livers.

    The big girls will be fine eating the grower ration until all are big enough for layer feed.

    As long as the big girls aren't picking on them they can be together (I'm sure the chicks are from a hatchery so they probably don't need to be quarantined). Keep a close eye on them, though. Once a hen draws blood things can get ugly fast...

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    plus layer feed has WAYYYY too much calcium for the littleuns

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