I ran out of gardening space…

Sep 2, 2018
Big Chimney, WV
My Coop
My Coop
I am running out of gardening space here due to the fact that i am sitting on a steep hill-site with very little flat land, so i created a terrace-bed into the hill itself. Using some scrap-wood i built a retention "wall", then turned the grass in the bed upside down and started to fill the empty space with some unripe compost. A true feast for the duckies:
I am planning to over fill the bed with more unripe compost (it can rot in the bed), cover it with a mixture of compost and top-soil and then plant my 20 sweet potato slips in there. A fence to the hill-site will keep the ducks out, well they will be allowed to nibble off every leaf that grows through the fence or down the hill…

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