I really do not know what to do. Ken quit his job.

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    I don't blame him one bit either. The general manager is a woman and she is abusive to say the least. This morning Ken was scrambling to mark and list all the cars that came in overnight from a DUI Checkpoint and she called him screaming and cussing at him that he is lazy (he is anything BUT lazy) and all he does is the bare minimum and she is tired of wearing two hats. Now keep in mind that Ken does all the IT work, the website, car sales, dispatch, runs the yards - yes more than one. And SHE complains to HIM about wearing more than one hat?

    Well he finally had it and left, called the owner and told him he cannot and will not work with her anymore. He turned in his truck and I had to spend my lunch hour retreiving him. The owner told him to keep the computer and cell phone for a while, so I really hope he wises up and fires that woman (whom no one at the company likes at all) and calls Ken back in.

    These two owners are pretty much absent owners, off on their own little projects, and rarely listen to what anyone has to say about other employees. I'm hoping this catches their attention.

    But in the meantime, we have bills to pay and now no income to pay them with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    [​IMG] All will work out in the long run...trust me...I quit my job last year and could not be happier, although I wasn't sure what I was gonna do, Single mom raising 2 kids, but I did it....and I fought and got my unemployment!! Thoughts are with you and hope that the future brings only happiness and sucess to your and your hubby!!!!
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    Everytime a door close, an other door opens. You will be fine. I know, that you are upset, I was it too. After 2 month only with my little income, my hubbie found a better job and now we are able to buy a home..........Send a prayer for you and I cross my fingers, that all work out fast for you
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    Maybe he can do freelance IT work or make websites for people...just a thought
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    Quote:That's a good idea!

    Deb- Ken is wicked smart and I am sure he could be sucessful at freelancing. I have seen your website he built for your farm - awesome! And I have heard you talk about him over facebook (positive things [​IMG] )

    [​IMG] I will be praying and I am sure you two will get through this!
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    [​IMG] I know it's scarey. I've been through some incredibly tough times in the past few years, but somehow everything always works out. Praying for you.
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    Maybe this is God's way of telling you to explore your options, you were inquiring about land etc in other places..... I believe that what is meant to happen will. Trust me on this, since I have been out of work and Don's heart attack, a way has always been provided for us. [​IMG]
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    Well that man makes things happen I tell ya. He already has two other prospects that contacted him as soon as they heard he quit. [​IMG]
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    Jan 17, 2011
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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