I really need some advice please! :( (Turkey Chick)!

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    Jun 9, 2011
    Hello BYC,

    I would really appreciate any advice on this matter ...

    I have 8 baby turkeys (approx 5days old) -> Kelly Bronze Turkeys. They've all been in good
    health and everythings been fine, until last night at 6pm. They've been under an Infrared light
    their whole lives, and their carboard box has scrunched up newspaper in it - changed often.

    All of them were sleeping apart from one that was crying. Whenever this happens, (all are sleeping
    apart from one that is stomping on the others, and crying) we pick them up, and wrap them lightly
    in a sock or something, and bring them to our desk while we study. They go quiet and sleep. It's
    normal for us!!
    But, with this chick, after about 5minutes, we decided to put it back in with the others because
    it was sleeping. When we put it in the box, it struggled to walk ... it was walking like a drunkard. We
    just assumed it was really tired and couldn't find it's feet. It continued stumbling for awhile, and then
    when she finally went to sleep, she would sleep standing up, leaning against something - it was like
    one side of her was heavier than the other.

    So, we left her with the others after we feed her and gave her some water to drink, and we went to sleep,
    hoping she would get over it.

    This morning, she hasn't opened her eyes at all, her neck is 'loose' - it's like she's in a coma, but she
    does make some noise sometimes. I'm not sure, but it looks like, on her belly, there's a big red "air
    bubble" (almost an inch in diameter). When she's sleeping, she's sitting down with her neck spread out.
    The other turkey chicks are fine, but they would sit on her or step on her and peck on her, and she
    wouldnt move.

    She was "awake" for a little while today, and it was after she pooed - she seems to have a little bit of
    energy after that, so we gave her some water, and a little bit to eat. The poo is white in colour and very

    She's slightly cold - especially her legs. She's now breathing through her beak (it's opening a very tiny
    amount everytime she breathes).

    I can't think of anything else, will update you all later but please please help me out with any advice.
    I don't want to lose her. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I'm really worried.

    PS: I should mention that I do have older chickens, and chicks.

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    onchiota NY
    I hate to say this but she looks moribund ( final stages of death before she stops breathing) She looks completely dehydrated and hunched... Im sorry If it were mine I would cull-I know you dont want to but unless your there with her 24/7 to nurse her back to health it will not work and even if you were unfortunately, it looks and sounds to be to late for it:( . Have you tried vitamins-wet mash etc....? I just had a baby turkey pass on me at 10 days old and I was a constant nurse-she looked great for days-then she just gave up and slowly faded it was horrible to watch and I tried everything:(

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