i really wtb some silkie chicks

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    Mar 29, 2010
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    ok so here is my story: i was given an incubator so i tried it out 4 pipped and never done anything else so i helped them out. all died and i'll admit it was my fault. i went to order chicks online but a week before hatch date i had to cancel due to low money. so i tried my incubator again out of 16, 3 hatched one died that night. so i had 2 they was so cute. anyways last night i locked my kitten in the bathroom so i could open the door to the room where the chicks stay b/c it was getting to hott. well the stupid thing got out and eat them [​IMG] i'm so sad i cried all morning. so i would really like to buy some blue or black bearded silkie chicks please. i cant spend alot

    btw the kitten is no longer inside and now i cant find it so idk if it ran off
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