I rehomed 9 Roos last year and all are still living and doing great!

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    Apr 16, 2011
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    I got 9 light brahamas from TSC last year for my first time. Long story short. Me being a beginner, I didn't know that golden comments are supposed to be red. Soooo I ended up with 7 out of 9 Roos and I had to rehome them of course. I out them on Craigslist. And the nicest lady just emailed me and said she would love to have them!! She said they were pets for her kids. I didn't ask questions, I just dropped them off the next day! They were such nice people. A year later I got a hold of her and the birds are all still alive and doing great! I'm super happy! I know this normally doesn't happen with unwanted roo's, I just got lucky. :)
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    Mar 11, 2011
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    Yay!! We had to re-home our two roosters, and I know what a good warm feeling it is to know they're doing fine. Happy for you and your boys :D
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