i rescued a pet rabbit, never thought i would say that..

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    Mar 7, 2011
    Lately it seems my home is being taken over by strays. Two kittens, but everyone is no stranger to them. My newest pet is an albino pet rabbit! It ran in front of my car at night, and i thought i was seeing wrong. I had to catch the poor thing, and asked the lady whose yard i caught it in if it was hers. No, she said, its owners had set it free, and it had a wound on its face. I took it home, 3 houses down,and was going to fix it up. In the light i had no idea how it made it. I called it two-face,one side was normal, the other black from dead tissue,and its eye couldn't be seen. I feel bad for t, but it acted fine.This rabbit is so sweet, personable and has no fear of me or my husband. It is finally healing,after a huge bot fly maggot was removed and peroxide was used. Eye is open and the dead tissue is starting to fall off. I thought i brought it home to die, in comfort knowing it was finally safe. Please, never "free" a pet. I know most people on here know this,with ducks released at ponds and so forth,but easter bunnies can share the same fate. Thank you for reading this ramble, i just couldn't believe some people threw this sweet thing away.
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    I will never understand why people think that setting an animal "free" is the right thing to do. [​IMG]
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    Wildlife rehab facilities in need of food will usually take, and very much appreciate, rabbit donations. Seems a more humane and useful end than them starving or slowly being eaten away by disease, in my mind, anyway.
  4. justafewchickens

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    Mar 7, 2011
    I have seen rabbits, rats, any small animal really, in animal shelters. Petfinder shows them all the time. Better than what this rabbit suffered. Lady said a dog had been bothering it too. People make me so mad, it is the perfect rabbit.
  5. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Kind of you to save it and nurse it back to health!

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