I see blood.


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May 3, 2017
We currently have 6 silly ducklings running around in our incubator. 2 eggs left to hatch. 1 is hardly cracked but I can hear him peeping inside.. the other is cracked but I see blood.. should I help or no? It's been this way for 90 min or so.
Also the first ones hatched around 4 am today how long can they stay in there or should I take them out?
So, hold on..
what time did the other ones hatch?
Can you hear peeping?

So one hatched yesterday at 10 am with the mama, but a some point late yesterday got clawed or something so I moved the eggs into the incubator late yesterday. I moved a total of 12.. 2 hatched at 4 am then around 9 am 3 more hatched then about 5:30 another hatched then this one has had a small whole with the beak tip out for a few ours. The other dicks keeps peeking and rolling it around
. Then we have 1 egg left that has minor cracks. I don't hear peeping from the 2 in hatched but feel lots of movement from the other and this one keeps opening its beak but no sound. It's pushing to get out I think..

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