I see stupid people

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    Today it was my stepfather. He was over looking at the chickens in the run before they left. My mothers cocker spaniel was over there and they dont like her because they dont know her, Don flew out over the top the other week when my mom had her here....and I have netting over the top [​IMG] dont know how he did it. So he says oh they just need to get used to another dog. [​IMG] No you need to get the dog away from the fence. So I go in to collect what ever eggs I have to send with them, I have a board about 3' high I cover the doorway with so they dont get out. Well...the dog comes by and I dont know what happened cause they couldnt see her but 2 chickens go flying out the door, the other are causing a ruckus, Don is going ballistic even though hes still on the other side in the run. [​IMG] [​IMG] So cut to the end, half hour later after roaming 2 acres looking for them and clucking like an idiot, they decide to come out of hiding in the tall weeds. But I have to say, I think my roo Don was just as worried as I was. He was crowing like crazy, pacing in front of the door. And when he saw me comming and his girl walking next to me he ran over as fast as he could and I swear if he had arms he would have scooped her up. I was so worried I wouldnt find them and they were lost. Ive always been able to find them. All ends well though [​IMG]
  2. Sweety.... I talk to stupid people every day. Its my job unforunately.
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    Quote:Sometimes they can be entertaining....not today [​IMG]
  4. Oh no... LOL After 5 years, they are NEVER entertaining....
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    LOL, I feel for ya, I see many many stupid people every day, I live next door to the 2nd biggest party school in the US, and unfortunatley I also have to work with them daily, UGH, You havn't seen stupid until you've lived literaly next door to the Chico State Dorms! Last night at 2 am, hubby had to go tell a drunk girl who was rolling in our drive way laughing and yelling at the top of her lungs to go home, she was keeping us awake, her friends just laughed, said sorry, picked her up and dragged her down the street.

    Ooh and can't forget the two drunk girls who decided at 3 am that a good place to pee was right in fron of our car, which was parked right outside our bedroom window, hubby looked out, saw their bare butts, yelled to get the hell off our property and they both screamed and ran.... I wish I had had a video camera for that one, LOL. The were stumbling over their own pants around their ankles as they tried to run away. [​IMG]
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    Quote:You work at Wal-Mart too???
  7. Quote:[​IMG]
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    Quote:Tell us a story, Uncle Chris! Pleeeease! [​IMG]
  9. Quote:Well, just today I had a guy call 911... 911, not once, not twice, but THREE times to look up a phone number, like I was 411 information.

    The fact that I kept telling him that I was 911 and didn't have that capability to look up phone numbers didn't seem to phase him a bit. He just kept saying "he didn't have an emergency, he just needed a phone number."

    We once also had a guy call 911 for the Super Bowl Score! A 911 emergency line for the score of a FOOTBALL GAME!

    Have you heard the most recent 911 call that came from a lady who complained because she didn't get enough Shrimp in her food order?!? THAT one made national news! (Wasn't ours though.)
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    Not enough shrimp in the salad sure sounds like an emergency to me. [​IMG]

    Imp-Imagine the calls if someone forgot the bacon in BLT.The horror of it all.

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