i seriously need some help about my new chikens. help me please.


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
woodsfield ohio
i got some new chickens last night
i got a red pyle OEG roo a golden laced polish roo and silver sebright pair about 4 weeks old and a mille fleur pair
well since it was dark out i didnt get to look them over well
it is my bus drivers chickens
at first he said he wasnt going to bring them because they was outside running loose and couldnt catch them
well i got a call from them about 7:30 last night saying since it was getting ready to rain and it was getting dark they went in so he would be over around 8:45
well it was dark by the time he got here so i could only see them with a flashlight
well i didnt think my bus driver would give me sick chickens but i think he did
this morning when i got up to get ready to go to school it was still dark so i couldnt see them this morning either
well i had to wait till i got home from school to see them
as it turns out when i had time to sit down and look at them i noticed a nasty smell comming from my 2 mille fleurs and the golden laced polish roo
i also noticed that the mille fleur roo and the polish roo had some green/yellow stuff coming out of their nose
i dont want to cull them but i think thats what ill have to do
ive had to deal with that in my grandpas coop before
then i got a coop of my own and my own chikens and ive been watching to make sure that none of them got it what ever it is and so far so good
but i think my bus driver ripped me off
what do you think it could be
thats what im thinking
Sounds like you indeed got sick chickens. Hopefully you haven't put them in with your flock....return them or cull them ASAP is what most here would say. Discenfect anything & EVERYTHING they had contact with.

Shame on your bus driver for doing this to you
!!! I wish you the best of luck & others will be here soon to give you more advice.
i culled them this morning
yea i gave my bus driver a piece of my mind when i got on this morning
tonight when i get home from school ill disenfect everything
im at school now in computer teck
i just hope nothing bad happens to the healthy birds while im gone
I am so sorry your bus driver did that! I am a bus driver, and I would never give any of my students a sick animal of any kind!! I hope everything with your other chickens is going o.k.----maybe you can get some more from someone more reputable.
yea i plan on getting some chikens from the ohio national chicken show this november
its gonna be awesome
i have at the moment $91 dollars just for that
ill be getting some money here soon
i just cant wait for the chiken show
its my favorite thing to look foward too

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