I set 13 duck eggs on June 11th....here we go


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This is the first time incubating duck eggs. I have some purebred Ancona, purebred GWH and oops maybe some crosses because they were accidentially let out together one day.

Day 1 and 2 are going good...temps holding 99.5 - 99.7 and humidity is a constant watch but I am keeping at 52% - 55%.

So...now the work is on the Genesis 1588 and the auto turner. Soon baby ducklings around July 9th hopefully.
Honestly, you need to let the humidity in your incubator drop. I don't even put any water in my incubating-incubator. I only add water to the hatching incubator, it is so humid here that you really don't need it. I've had much better luck this year since I quit adding water to the incubator.
Good luck on your duckies! Hope to see you at chickenstock in September, not 100% sure on the exact date yet, but September for sure
The bator is in an air conditioned room...still drop the humidty in a Genesis?

I have read so many different things that I am cinfused as all heck so have been sticking with information from the most reliable sources.

What do you normally do with yours...explain on barney level for me. LOL
Our A/C isn't working right now, so that could make a difference. I know I set about 40 duck eggs one time last year and only had about half hatch with keeping the humidity at 50%+. I'd not add water, and just keep an eye on the air cells. By the time they hatch, the air cells should be almost half the egg.
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