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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Frosty, Jun 23, 2010.

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    A bit of background... North Dakota is normally dry. There is a saying that we are always a day away from drought. Normal year to date precipitation is 8.29", so far this year we got 12.18" of which 5.56" was this month. The ground was already pretty wet from the huge amount of snow we got last winter.

    Because of all of this moisture, my turkey pen is a mess. Ankle deep water/mud/muck in the pen itself, about 4" of muck in the building (roof leaks, but shouldn't have been a problem). I HAD to get the poor birds out of there! So I moved the geese out of the building that they were in and blocked the outside access (pen not covered, the turkeys would fly out). Then came the part where I had to get the turkeys to this building...

    It was almost light out... I figured that maybe I could just snag them from their perch. That worked for the first two or three, then the rest (I have 10) flew down and ran out to the pen. The turkey mud wrestling was on! I was managing to grab feet without getting their heads down into the muck and mud, but then they started flapping. I could not believe how much of that stuff I was wearing by the time that I was done! My face was splattered, I had the stuff up to my elbows even though I was wearing long sleeves, my pants were soaked and caked. Anyone watching would have gotten a good laugh! But at least they are in a dry building with plenty of fresh straw... (sigh of relief...)
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    Oh Heavens,,, Been There, Done That.... [​IMG]
    They are notorious for a lot of wing flapping when being caught in deep mud. [​IMG]

  3. There is a "thing" that lives in all poultry pens unless they are totaly covered over...... It lies in wait for it's victims.......waiting for just the right moment when your hands are full and are not paying attention.......It's called.......

    The Mud Monster. [​IMG]

    Victim from time to time

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