I shoveled the birds out Friday.

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  1. man o man they are spoiled!!!! this is the first winter for my extended family. i couldnt figure out why they would not come out of the coop last week on tues and wed. we had some snow on the ground (see my post of the CHristmas card to everyone) not much 8 inches or so. i thought maybe the cold was to blame. By Thursday it was warmer (above freezing) and i tried to talk them out of the coop. i even tried bribery! it took me an hour and a half bag of peanuts to get them to finally think about it. I went inside and walked their little butts right out of the door. turns out they were afraid of the snow!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats a momma to do? welll , ya know......

    so i shoveled most of their pen clear of snow, shoveled them a trail up to the house, shoveled them a nice little patch of grass, shoveled the deck, etc. whew!!!!!!!!!!! they are way to spoiled. wish i could share a video i took of them... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]







    yea, that's a pink Christmas tree in front of their 'fluffy butt hut'
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  2. PineappleMama

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    Ah... boy Texas at 29 is sure feeling toasty all the sudden!

    Thankee for making me appreciate my hometown!

    I love the 3rd pic... fluffy butts poking up.
  3. linben

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    What pretty snow! We may get one light snow all winter in Cental Texas. I would probally do the same thing too or lay old boards on top for them to come out. I bet they were glad to get out!
  4. Louieandthecrew

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    Wow! What pretty white snow! I bet they had fun in that [​IMG]
  5. suburbanchx

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Love the little pathway!
  6. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Awesome chicken owner! Keep you in shape don't they? I appreciate the photos as they make me realize even though the air temp is 20 F I'm really lucky to not have the snow. Beautiful, though.
  7. dwegg

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    WOW!!!! That is amazing ..I like the second pic.."Ethel, Ethel? I can't find Ethel?"
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    Mar 21, 2010
    Must be something in the local water in northern Portage county!!! [​IMG] ---- I cleared out the two coop runs Saturday morning, too!!! [​IMG]

    My one run is uncovered and one of my golden buffs got out and came up to the back garage door, loudly complaining the whole time (her favorite dusting spot had a foot of snow on it).

    A couple of crows decided to help themselves to the food in the open run, and my new RIR would have none of it - she defended her turf. It was all over before I thought to grab the camera.

    Nice pix, thanks for sharing.....now today they won't be out cavorting, man, is it nasty out over here.....
  9. I know!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe this stuff???? yesterday and today we are under a blizzard here in Ohio. I am assuming this is the same storm the post about 'my coop is hosed' is referring to. (he was in Il.) I wouldnt let mine out today if I had too!!! wind chills way below zero, we are now under 4 ft. of snow. shovel them out now???? NO WAY!!!! i just added a second heat lamp, gave them some warm oatmeal and turned their radio up to drown out the wind!

  10. Illia

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    Wow, lot'a'snow. . . . If we had that, our roofs would cave in.

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