I shuffled my chickens around to different places


10 Years
Aug 19, 2009
Cut Off, LA
Well my RIR hens have seen much better days. I'm not going to blame the roos entirely, but it would appear that their favorite girls were pretty much naked. Do ya'll think just molting would make a hen really ugly, alone or the roo? So I went a bit nuts.
Yesterday I killed my 5 remaining young roos I had in seclusion and used what was formally known as 'Death Row' into a bachelor pad. The family became concerned that I was going to kill our roosters. I felt the hens needed a break and I don't need fertile eggs at this time.
I then put all my pullets from my Easter hatch in with the hens. I have one fatality, because I had to take a road trip for some feed and deliver 2 goslings to the grain man and wasn't home to make sure they all behaved. Two of them have elbow wounds and I have antibiotic ointment to heal them and make them taste terrible. So far, so good.
Then I put the roosters from the Easter hatch and put them in the pen with my 2 big Easter goslings to give them more room.
I am hoping that by introducing the Easter hatch leftovers to the larger flock, I will have less running around in the morning to feed and water. Also, my little birds will have more room to roam around in and hopefully will grow faster.
Unfortunately my 2 bachelors started fighting, so I put one in the tractor that had the pullets. He won't run out of feed or water as fast as 40 pullets, so i am good.
I then had room in the rooster tractor, to put my blue araucana roo with certain americanas and 2 special araucana hens for a breeding project I am wanting to try.
So everything is all moved about, except the RIR hens.
When I got my grain, the old man was so happy to get his goslings, because all him ganders flopped with their setting. He said that he thought his girls were finished, but apparently the Chinese were still laying, and he gave me 3 eggs. I'm not cranking up the incubator for 3 eggs, so I am putting them under a broody RIR I have. I told him that next laying season, just to collect the eggs as they lay them and I will incubate them for him if he really wants more.

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