i sold birds at an auction yesterday


9 Years
Jul 13, 2010
Savannah, NY
I didn't do too bad!! almost $200.. sold 50 little cockerels i got for free with my meat chickens, some i hatched and a few others , and a cage.

It paid for my new guineas( 4 grown and 9 keets) and a trio of red laced white cornish.. and some other things. but i was good and only bought those birds..

The guineas are locked up in my infimary.. they are going to be free range outside of the run for my chickens.. so that they know where to go. they are so loud i could hear them over my roosters this morning!
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That's great! I have 5 or six BCM cockerals that I want to take to auction but don't now what to put them in. I've seen the chickens at auction in a small cage but don't know where to buy them. Any suggestions?
go to a 24 hr walmart at night.. after 9pm.. i got free boxes,, tape upt he bottom, and cross the top once they are in. and dont forget to ventilate the sides and write information on the top..

what kind, sex if known and age. Good luck!!!

At our auction(s) they take the birds out and into small 2x2x2 show pens so people can see them while they are selling them.

Ive also seen people put them in boxes totally taped up with one or both sides cut out and fencing attached( like deer fence) zip tied intot he box and then taped so people can see them .. might be an option if they dont take them out like i explained.

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