I survived hurricane Katrina. Here's my story

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    I posted this on Facebook and on my other message groups on August 29th, the 5th anniversary of hurricane Katrina. I want to share it here as well:

    I've been meaning to put these together for 5 years now. But every time I looked at the photos, I was too choked up to even try...until today.

    This is what MY family went through when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I put together two slideshows of our home and our lives and how we were impacted.

    The first Slideshow shows us seeing the damage for the first time, going inside the house and realizing we've lost everything, our home, our belongings and our neighborhood. For two years after Katrina, the kids and I lived in Wills father's house in Meridian, MS while Will lived here in an RV we ended up having to buy because he had to stay in New Orleans for work. I would visit on weekends or he would drive to visit us.

    The second Slideshow is the cleanup. On Thanksgiving day in 2005 two ladies knocked on our house door and I saw them from the RV window. Will went to see what they wanted, he walked into the house and came back with a huge smile on his face. They had a bus load of 200 people from Michigan who said they decided to trade in their turkey for mold and mildew and help 4 families in New Orleans. These ladies knocked on the neighbors door first, but the neighbor didn't answer, then they came to our door. They broke into 4 groups of 50 people and completely cleaned and gutted our entire house.
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    Kasia, what a story. . .I did ok till I got to the pic of your rocking chair, and that did it. Tears flowed freely. I watched this entire horror unfold as it happened, and was horrified that more wasn't done to help all of you when it was evident what was going to happen. . .your pictures tell the story, and should be published. Bless you and yours!!! More pics of your home as it was finished, please!! It was a lovely home, and I know there is no describing what you felt when you first turned that corner and came down your street. Just a remarkable story, and thanks for sharing, hard as it was on you!!!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ugh.. I cant even imagine.. [​IMG]
    And bless those volunteers.. [​IMG]
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    I was crying at the picture of your wedding dress! [​IMG] How horrible to go through, and thank God for those wonderful volunteers! Hope you are all doing well now.
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    I am touched beyond words... Thanks for sharing. [​IMG]
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    Thank you so much for sharing. I watched the coverage of Katrina for at least first 5 days. I had the TV on all the time during those days. I knew it was going to be very bad when the reports came in from one of hospitals. The report said that they were underwater. I think that came in about 3am on that first day. I remember most of the reports were saying that everything was fine, and I knew that those reports were wrong. The next morning I could tell that a lot of New Orleans was going to be forever changed. I am so glad that you have been able to get on with living. I have great admiration for you and your family.
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    Thank you so much for sharing!

    I can not imagine the power and the devestation of this hurricane could do! And how the people feel displaced and lost (shell-shocked).

    I am surprised you and your neighbor's houses were not condemned and I do hope inspections were all in the clear before you rebuild.

    What does the neighborhood look like now, after five years? Where are your chickens or you didnt have chickens to begin with at the time of hurricane?

    I can not explain in depth how I feel but lost, displaced, angry, with a bit of happiness that things will go ok.

    HOw far are you from the broken levees? I've been to New Awleans back in the mid 70's. Beautiful city!
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    Hi, so sorry to hear about your experience with katrina and how it still affects you. We went through something similar with Rita whereas the whole town flooded and graves/crypts were moved and opened, the grade and high school flooded, homes flooded and some were completely moved off thier foundations etc. We were in our car for 4 days and then finally a shelter for a week (during my son's 16th bday) because all the hotels in LA and several surrounding states away were full of katrina victims and there was no rooms anywhere! Everyone we knew had to leave so it wasn't like we could stay anywhere else lol. We had packed our tent because we are an outdoors type of family but all the campgrounds were closed because they were worried about trees falling during the hurricanes etc. etc. We ended up moving because so much was wrong and couldn't be fixed. We went to AZ (where our family was) and then eventually to FL. Our kids went through hell and I feel the most sorry for them but they have learned that they can get through anything now. I have started a scrapbook so my kids can remember and grandchildren (someday) will be able to see what it was like.
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    we were lucky enough to stay in Slidell with family & hit the downtown 2 weeks before Katrina hit. Looking back on our trip i remember the places hit the worst. I love to drive down the NON tourist filled sections. We visited an old cemetary & ate at bubbas. I fell in love with New Orleans culture & energy.

    When katrina hit we watched in horror! We waited for contact from Duncan's aunt & uncle in Slidell. Days past and we got an email stating they were safe but his aunts brother was missing. He had gone to the boat house on the mississippi. It would be 2 weeks before we would know he ws safe. The boat house took on water and rised to the roof. He climbed out from the attic vent on to the roof. As he was about to be swept away with gator filled waters. A loose pontoon floated close by and he went for it! He had a angel with him that day!!!! His uncle's house had damage equal to yours. His cousins went higher up and the boat house was done........

    People don't realize that the city is still a eary image of that day. Out of such tragedy came beautiful acts of humanity. Like the wonderful helpers who helped you with your home. It was so moving to see their support of a family they didn't even know. I was tearing up seeing your belongings put in a dump truck. The mold is so dangerous & can really make you sick! I can not imagine the feeling of fustration & heartache all wrapped into one!

    I hope things are better for you all & you build your house back up to the loving energy it was before Katrina!!! Thank you for sharing your personal journey with the storm of the century!!!

    Best of luck,

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