I think a chicken ate some hot sausage


Sep 27, 2019
My chickens go running over to our compost pile every night & the other night I threw some hot sausage over there not realizing it was hot ann I think one of my girls may have ate it, shes making a whining noise & its like shes hickuping . I gave her some bread soaked in milk but she's still doing it, I feel terrible, about in tears. Can it hurt her or kill her? My poor girl, I'll never throw that kind of stuff in there again & I probably won't sleep tonight worrying about her! Does anyone know if that will hurt her. Thanks!


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Chickens don’t really react to hot and spicy foods, but if she overate, or the food was rotten, that might be a problem. Many people sprinkle cayenne pepper on feed to help in worm prevention. It doesn’t work, but the hot pepper doesn’t harm them. Eating rotten or moldy food can make them sick though, so I would try to get her drinking fluids, and possibly try to do a flush of Epsom salts and water, or molasses and water. Here is a link about flushes:
https://books.google.com/books?id=G...page&q=flushes for toxins in chickens&f=false

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