I THINK all 6 are laying, but I'm a little confused....

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    Apr 1, 2010
    Well, to start, I have 6 chickens, first started laying in september and they've all steadily been starting since then. We have 5 EE/Ameraucanas, and one Columbian Rock. The columbian rock lays big beautiful brown eggs, and this morning, when we opened up the pen for the day there was her egg, waiting for us in the box After she layed 6 days in a row and took yesterday off..

    Went out at noon, there were 3 more eggs, all green from the EE's. Well, the day before yesterday I got 5 eggs, so I figured this evening when I got home we'd check again, and there was another brown egg! Do I have a really productive Rock who laid 12 hours apart, or is my 5th EE finally starting to lay, but laying brown eggs? The new one is considerably smaller than the other browns, but has a nice solid shell...

    These are todays eggs, in order of collection

    These are all the eggs we have in the house, presumably sorted by chicken....


    What do you think?

    Here is the EE that I think is responsible for the new egg:[​IMG]
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    i think you may have an EE who lays pink/brown eggs for you. it can happen and i have read that the color may change on occasion too. but don't quote me on that since i lost my EE this past summer and she was steadily laying beautiful green eggs almost every day!
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    I guess it depends on what the EE has in it. i would say that it was most likely her 1st egg & the 1st ones layed are usually smaller, she should lay bigger eggs as time goes by.
    i have also heard of them changing color as time goes by.

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