I think he tried to Scam me!....

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  1. Bleenie

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    Okay, so today this guy came down to buy my 2 White Chinese Goslings. I have had them listed for a while for $20/ea, they're probably 5wks old or so. I ordered them through my feed store as sexed females so i paid a pretty penny for them.

    When he showed up today we talked and he looked at the babies for a few minutes and he went to get the box and i scooped them up. after they were in the box he got his wallet and says "It was $5/ea, right?"... and i said "umm, No, they are $20 Each.". he immediately said the ad said $5 (which was not true) and he right away pulled out this print out of a craigslist ad...

    Goslings for sale...$5/ea... Blah Blah, something about bad duck moms???? and i have to sell these goslings and call this phone number (my number).

    What the HECK??? I just told him, "i dont know what to tell you but that's not MY ad.. That is a Hatchery Picture and I ALWAYS take my own pictures so people can see the actual bird for sale, and all that other stuff makes no sense." He said "well thats your number, is that your phone number, etc." like 5 times and then finally went to his car and got $30....UGH.

    I accepted it, because i actually only paid $15/ea for them (but was asking $20 because of feed, ya know?) and i hadn't had any other responses to the ad. he also seemed a little disappointed when he saw i had muscovies too...his wife wants 2 more hens i guess so he asked me to keep his number and call when they were ready to go in 1 month...he also said he could bring me the other $10 when he bought 2 hens later too....

    I went to check for this ad on CL as soon as he got in his car to leave and it was Nowhere to be found! **mysterious** [​IMG]

    I think this guy tried to scam me though, My mom said the same thing.... what do you guys think?? Should i be happy with the $30 and just lose his number?

    I have asked someone if they'd take less for a bird before but would NEVER do something like this!!! [​IMG]
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  2. MikeS(erama)

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    May 8, 2010
    Sounds like he made up a fake ad so that he could guilt you into selling them cheaper! Gotta be careful with people like that! It's so easy to create anything with a computer! The honest thing he could have done was just to ask you if you'd take less for them, instead he goes the shady low route and makes a fake ad. I'd ditch the number and sell to someone else that isn't going to scam you!
  3. lurky

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    Jun 4, 2007
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    Ya know....... we could all think up how we might have handled it........but the reality is that you were caught off guard too. an honest person would not be expecting such an underhanded trick like that.
    So considering that, i think you handled it very well [​IMG] I think you need to trust your gut on doing business with him again. I think i would lose the # and try for some better customers next time [​IMG]
  4. ScaredOfShadows

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    He definately was! When I am consulting to buy something - I ask up front in email or on phone - the price. I KNOW the price this way I can hopefully have exact change when I go buy what I'm getting.

    The fake altered ad - definately some bull hockey. I have heard of people doing this before.

    I was selling my old electric stove that was only 4 yrs old earlier this year just to be rid of it (I moved in with my dad and didn't want to rent a storage building anymore - so we built a shed) and I didn't want to pull it down to the house and stick it in the shed. SO this couple was contacting me about my free couch and chair (wear and tear - but nothing serious again just wanted it gone) and said they wanted to "BUY" the stove as well...So they come and pack up the couch and chair on the trailer and get the stove on there. The wife is the one I talked to 3 times - and she goes "well okay thanks so much we appreciate the stuff, have a good one" She obviously had every intention of leaving without paying me. The husband had this confused look for a second that gave her away - she must have told him I wanted 50$ for the stove, and so I walked to the front of the truck and lean against it to talk to the wife. "Um, did you not remember the stove is 50$? if you forgot and don't have the money I'll be happy to unload it myself." Oh she turned beet red and the husband apologizes and all that great stuff - but it was obvious by the body language of the lady she intended to just drive off thinking I wouldn't confont her and her husband when I was alone. Psssh if anything I would have called the law with their License plate # and reported them. [​IMG]

    Lose the dude's number he has no intention of coming back anyway I bet. If you had wanted the 40$ you should have told him when he was complaining about 5$ each - that either he forked over 40$ or he was going home without the box of geese. [​IMG]

    Suggestion : Next time - when someone arrives - casually bring up the price of the ducks/geese/ etc... [​IMG] this way if they have an issue with the price they'll bring it up then - or after you've shown them the animal(s) but not packed them away - ask for payment before you load up the animal(s) for them. This will take away some of the akwardness on asking for something back that is YOURS until the transaction is complete.
  5. Bleenie

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    This was the first time I have had a problem with selling any of my birds...a person liek this i mean. I had a lady earleir this month come to pick up a pup from me and she really did think the pup was free, she explained it to me and everything and was SO embarassed.... I thoguht she had a suprised look on her face when i brought out all the puppy stuff, lol. But she understood and was fine with the adoption fee that i was asking.

    This guy was just blatant. Thank you guys for confirming our suspicions!!!

    ETA: I meant to remind him of the price on the phone, i usually do to keep from this kind of thing accidentally happening, but i was in the middle of something and he was really quick on the phone...shoulda been my first sign i guess!
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  6. KDOGG331

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    Jan 18, 2008
    he definately was, what a low life! [​IMG] i agree with the others too, not sure if its too nice to do cause what if he really was serious about that (coming back) but still i may ditch his number cause after he scammed me i probably wouldnt want to deal with him again, but maybe not, idk your call... but then again, I think im too nice (to do that/"lose" number) [​IMG] but again your call and plus people lose numbers all the time and if he really is serious about that then im sure he still has your number and can call you back on his own, so i guess i say ditch it... [​IMG] but again your call but he was def trying to scam you! [​IMG] good luck! [​IMG]
  7. KDOGG331

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    Jan 18, 2008
    sorry i think i posted a little too late, im a kinda a slow typer, sorry... lol [​IMG]
  8. onthespot

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    I'd keep his number, and name by it would come up "Scammer" and I would just let him know ahead of time, what the price is, no dickering. blah blah blah. Tell him ahead of time that every time he tries to cut the price, your price goes up. [​IMG]
  9. duckyfromoz

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Did you tell him how much the muscovies would be?? You could always give him a ring when they are ready...and when he asks how much they are...Add a few dollars on top of what you would normally charge...I know two wrongs dont make a right...but it could cover you if he turns up without the extra money from the geese.
  10. PineappleMama

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    If he honestly thought you were trying to scam him he wouldn't have coughed up the money. The fact that he just happened to have $30, when he expected to pay $10 tells you he was giving a scam a go himself. Not to mention that he made a point of bringing the "ad" with him. He knew perfectly well that $5 was NOT what you said and figured he would need "proof" to get the price he wanted to pay.

    I wouldn't have sold him ANY, at any price. But now that you have, keep an eye on the ads. Wouldn't be surprised to see one that says Bad Duck Moms so Goslings for sale $25+ each.

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