I think I actually got some babies


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
I decided to put some eggs in my incubator.
I've had Sally my NH red for 4 years and never has a roo her size before
I now have a 6 month old lt brahma zeus who I actually hatched myself
And i have Mazie golden laced wyandotte
Hes been mating with both
And I thought its kind of late in the season but It would be nice to have some babies from my very first chicken I ever owned and Mazie my golden lace

So I put like 10 eggs in the incubator
I really didn't have much hope as he is still young and I really didn't see much in the eggs after 4 days
I know I should wait until like 5 day but others I've hatched I usually could see after 3 days

Today is day 6 and I quite sure at least 4 has little babies starting a couple I am positive is nothing..just me warming eggs up slowly lol

Wish me luck

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